[aka Gold, Nanaj, Hezhen]

Classification: Tungusic


severely endangered

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The Nanai language belongs to the southern group of the Manchu-Tungus languages. The closest related languages are Ulchi and Orochi. Two dialects exist, Upper-Amur and Lower-Amur, and they are distinctly unlike each other. (The Red Book of the Peoples of The Russian Empire)

Gold, Nanaj, Hezhen, Goldi,Hezhe, Heche, Sushen, Juchen, Goldisch, nānai, Akani, Birar, Kile, Samagir, Goldische, Nanay, 赫哲語, 那乃語, 赫真語, Нанай, Нанайэ, Nanaj, Nanaje, нанайский языкж

Tungusic, Southern Tungusic, Amur Tungusic

ISO 639-3


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