[aka Axvax, Ашвaлъи мицIи, авахский язык]

Classification: Northeast Caucasian



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The Akhvakh language belongs to the Andi subgroup of the Avar-Ando-Dido or northwestern group of the Dagestan languages and is divided into two dialects: North-Akhvakh and South-Akhvakh. The first is homogeneous, while the latter is further divided into the Tlyanub and Tsegob subdialects. The difference between the South-Avar and North-Avar is rather considerable and users of the two dialects prefer communicating in the Avar language. (The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire, 2008)

Axvax, Ашвaлъи мицIи, авахский язык, Akhwakh

Northeast Caucasian, Daghestanian, Andic

ISO 639-3


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