[aka Tiribí, Tirub, Terraba]

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"The consensus among Teribe speakers is that the name “Teribe” originated when the Spanish explorers came up what is now known as the Teribe River and asked what this place was. The Teribes answered, tjer di, which means, ‘river of the Grandmother’. (The Grandmother was the protective spirit who controlled that area and to whom the Teribes went for help and healing.) The Spaniards corrupted that into Teribe and the name stuck (to the river and the people). The Teribes refer to themselves and their language as Naso which has come to mean ‘Indian, native’ but which probably derives from the two words na ‘here’ and so, sogo ‘owner’ to mean ‘the owners of this place’" (Oakes 2001:3)

Tiribí, Tirub, Terraba, Naso, Tirribi, Norteño, Quequexque, Tiribi

Chibchan, Isthmic

ISO 639-3


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"The language known as Térraba or Brorán in Costa Rica is an almost-extinct dialect of Teribe with five elderly living speakers as of 1991 (Grimes 1996:60). According to Teribes who have conversed with these Térraba speakers, the two dialects are easily mutually intelligible." (Oakes 2001:3)

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