Xaad Kil (Haida)

[aka Haida, K'iis Xaat'aay, Northern]

Classification: Isolate


critically endangered


The Language of Weaving

A Digital Story created by Jacinthe LeCornu at the Indigenous Language Institute's Native Language & Technology Series.

Endangered Languages Project

Indigenous Language Institute

Jacinthe LeCornu


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    Gaetano Marino 4010 days ago

    Great video, I have to show this to my friends on Facebook! I always wondered how to do this.

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    Mardi Brayton 1827 days ago

    That was amazing. I cannot find within the language that I just heard, the connection to any other language except maybe some from the Amazon River regions. I did not know of the clicking sound being apart of our Indigenous language here in N. America. Thank you for that.

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    Crystal Fierro 168 days ago

    The video is not here anymore. Díi gudangáay st'igáng. :-(