[aka n̓səl̓̓xčin̓, Nsilxcín, Nsyilxcen, Nsyilxcn, Nsəlxcin]

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iʔ stunx! (the beavers)

Okanagan Language Video: iʔ stunx! (The Beavers) Okanagan subtitles. Original Film: The Beavers (1930) Educational Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0VvYjuYZNs Okanagan Narration and Translation: Sarah McLeod Okanagan Transcription and Subtitles: John Lyon Sarah McLeod, iʔ nsyílxcən iʔ skʷists Psoʔ, mut l nɬq̓íɬməlx (Quilchena). ixíʔ iʔ qʷəlqʷílt iʔ l video. taʔlíʔ px̌páx̌t Sarah l nsyílxcən. My name is John Lyon, I am a PhD student in Linguistics at UBC, and have been studying the Upper Nicola Okanagan language for 4 years now. I am originally from the States and live in Vancouver now. Sarah and I have worked together on the Okanagan language for 3 years now, and she agreed to translate several older, public domain films in the Okanagan language in the spring of 2011. My thinking was that these films could be used as intermediate/advanced-level learning resources, either for classroom or use in the home.

John Lyon

John Lyon

Quilchena, BC


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    Grahm Wiley-Camacho 3947 days ago

    way' sl'axt, Would you be willing to post this under videos in the sample section so we don't have to leave the site to watch it? limlmt paʕłxʷ

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    John Lyon 3947 days ago

    way̓ Grahm. I tried to, but for some reason I keep getting this error message, that the link is invalid or something. I'm not sure why. ha cmystíxʷ scʔx̌ilx? John

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    John Lyon 3912 days ago

    Okay, that is fixed.

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    Tom Onditi 473 days ago

    I cannot see the videos