[aka Kanienʼkéha, Kanien'kehaka]

Classification: Iroquoian




Tsi Nen:we Enkonnoronhkhwake "Love You Forever" (Mohawk)

This focuses on the cycle of love between a mother and her child. That with every new life that ends, a new one begins.

Original story by Robert Munsch"Illustrated by Bill Crouse"Narration Mohawk Kaweienon:ni Cook-Peters"Baby Song written by Bear Fox"Translated By Kaweienon:ni Cook-Peters"Female Singer Teioswathe Cook"Male Singer Aronhie:nens Porter"Shake the Bush by Bill

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne

Aug. 24, 2012

Funding Provided by AMBE, KGLPP

Mohawk Story

Original story by Robert Munsch Illustrated by Bill Crouse Narration Mohawk Kaweienon:ni Cook-Peters Baby Song written by Bear Fox Translated By Kaweienon:ni Cook-Peters Female Singer Teioswathe Cook Male Singer Aronhie:nens Porter Shake the Bush by Bill

Ahkwesãhsne Mohawk Board of Education