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Language Documentation and Revitalization Fund – a Tides Canada Foundation Charitable Fund

The loss of languages means not just the loss of words, but the loss of thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, wisdom, cultural nuances, rituals, customs and spirituality.

- STOLȻEȽ, John Elliot, SENĆOŦEN Language Champion

Languages are disappearing at an unprecedented pace and when that happens, a unique vision of the world is lost. With the present state of languages at risk of mass extinction across the globe, action and investment in language preservation and documentation is urgently needed.

The goal of the Endangered Languages Project (ELP) is to foster the exchange of information related to at-risk languages and serve as an online resource for samples and research on endangered languages. If you would like to support The Endangered Languages Project, you can make a donation to the Language Documentation and Revitalization Fund at Tides Canada Foundation online by credit card or by sending a cheque to the Tides Canada Foundation and putting Language Documentation and Revitalization Fund in the memo line.

Donations over $10 will be eligible for a charitable tax receipt issued by Tides Canada Foundation.

Note to US Donors: If you wish to donate online using your US credit card, your contribution in Canadian dollars will be automatically translated into US dollars on your credit card statement, based on the current exchange rate.