Bolivian Quechua

[aka Boliviano, Quechua, South Bolivian, Central Bolivian Quechua]

Classification: Quechuan


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Boliviano, Quechua, South Bolivian, Central Bolivian Quechua, Quechua Boliviano, South Bolivian Quechua, Quechua (Bolivian), Bolivia Quechua, Cochabamba

Quechuan, Peripheral Quechua, Chinchay


ISO 639-3


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The question of how to distinguish between entities that are dialects of a single language vs. that are separate languages is particularly serious in the case of Quechuan languages and dialects, and much work remains to be done. Though it is well-known and very clear that there are a number of distinct languages in Quechuan, some very distinct, the tendency to consider them all merely dialects of “Quechua” persists in many circles. (Cerrón-Palomino 1987)

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