Diné Bizaad (Navajo)

[aka Diné Bizaad, Navajo, Navaho]

Classification: Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit


at risk


/"Go My Son" by Arlene Nofchissey Williams "&" Carnes Burson

This is the original verion of song "Go My Son" by Arlene Nofchissey Williams , Navajo, & Carnes Burson, Ute. This video also includes various Native American poets, actors, writers, athletes, activists, artists, etc., who have influenced the lives of many Native Americans and continue to redefine who we are today. The quote is originally stated by Chief Manuelito. Notable natives included in this video are Annie Dodge Wauneka, Adam Beach, Joy Harjo, Irene Bedard, N. Scott Momaday, Charlene Teeters, Russell Means, RC Gorman, Jim Thorpe, Billy Mills, Gladys Tantaquideon, Jock Soto, John Bennett Herrington, Buffy St. Marie, Jacoby Ellsbury, Charles Loloma, Leslie Marmon Silko, Sherman Alexie, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Susan Aglukark, Radmilla Cody, Notah Begay, & Navajo Code Talkers. There are many other Native Americans who are noteworthy... Too many to be included in this one video. Enjoy!


Daybreak Warrior


Jan. 7, 2009