Diné Bizaad (Navajo)

[aka Diné Bizaad, Navajo, Navaho]

Classification: Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit


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/Navajo Word of the Day - "Bich'i' "

This lesson gives examples of how to use the word "bich'i'" in Navajo, which means" to him/to her/to it." It builds up on previous lessons in previous videos. Again, it's recommended to turn on the annotations button for these videos to be able to see the captions. For the examples, keep in mind the basic Navajo sentence structure: [OBJECT] -- [ACTION] -- [VERB] I'm calling my brother. Shibrother bich'i' call áshłééh. [OBJECT:brother] -- bich'i'- [ACTION:call] -- [VERB: áshłééh] I'm emailing my sister. Shisister bich'i' email áshłééh. I'm texting my friend. Shifriend bich'i' text áshłééh. Nich'i': to you Bich'i': to him or her I'm calling you. Nich'i' call áshłééh. I'm texting you. Nich'i' text áshłééh. I'm faxing him. Bich'i' fax áshłééh. These were just phrases for example but not to learn in this video. Think of them as fyi's & not really part of the lesson: Shínaaí: my older brother Shitsílí: my younger brother Shádí: my older sister Shideezhí: my younger sister Shilah: my sibling (of the opposite sex) Shimáyázhí: my Maternal Aunt Shidá'í: my Maternal Uncle Shizhé'é Yázhí: my Paternal Uncle Shitsílí/ Shínaaí: my male cousin (lit. brother) from mom's side Shił Naa'aash: my male cousin from dad's side Shádí/Shideezhí: my cousin (lit. sister) from mom's side Shizeedí: female cousin from dad's side The above words were just meant to show the complexity the Navajo language has, which is why omitting them & using the English word can make learning the basics simple for now. Enjoy & please send me feedback on positives and negatives! :-)


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Nov. 19, 2011