[aka n̓səl̓̓xčin̓, Nsilxcín, Nsyilxcen, Nsyilxcn, Nsəlxcin]

Classification: Salishan




swarak'xn chaptikwlh - Frog Mountain Story in nselxcin by Sinixt Eva Adolph Orr

Eva Adolph Orr of the Sinixt/Arrow Lakes Nation tells the ancient survival story of swarak'xn/Frog Mountain in the Lakes dialect of nselxcin/Colville-Okanagan. The video was taken in the 90's at the Sinixt Nation land reclamation site in the Slocan Valley at Vallican BC, Canada. Vallican is from where you see Frog Mountain. CANADA declared Sinixt extinct in 1956 and has since refused to recognize Sinixt peoples inherent human and indigenous rights. She has now passed on to the spirit-world. Canada and British Columbia continue to deny Eva's families and all Sinixt people their most basic human and indigenous rights in Canada. Eva wanted this story to be made public and for the record. We are deeply honoured to have been blessed with Eva Adolph Orr and may the work that she has done for Sinixt people carry on for many generations. For More Information: http://sinixtnation.org

Sinixt Nation

Vallican, BC V0G, Canada