ᏣᎳᎩ (Cherokee)

[aka Iroquois, Tsalagi, Tslagi]

Classification: Iroquoian




/Abide With Me (Lyrics in the Cherokee Language)

This video provides the lyrics to the hymnal, "Abide With Me," sung in the Cherokee language. This song is also known as "Hymn #2 - Introduction of Public Worship." The lyrics to this song have also been attributed to another hymnal called "Careless Soul." I had also chosen audio taken from the "Cherokee National Holiday - Gospel Music CD" because of its clarity in pronunciation. I had received a copy of the lyrics along with translation of the lyrics from the book "Cherokee Hymns History." As always, I think it is important to understand the translation as well as hearing the words. Mp3's can be downloaded for free from www.cherokee.org. Enjoy!


Daybreak Warrior


Nov. 11, 2010