ᏣᎳᎩ (Cherokee)

[aka Iroquois, Tsalagi, Tslagi]

Classification: Iroquoian




PBS Recipe - Discover Cherokee Bean Cornbread! (for students)


The traditional way to make Cherokee Bean Bread, or Broadswords (so named because of their flattened shape) is a simple list of ingredients; dried corn which has been cooked with wood ash to remove the hulls and ground into a dough, beans and their hot cooking liquid. This mixture is formed into patties, wrapped in corn blades and boiled. Bean Bread has more of a dumpling texture than what we associate with “bread” these days, and no salt is added as salt would cause the dough to crumble while cooking. In this updated version, we take advantage of the popularity of Bean Bread’s cousin from the South, traditional Indigenous Mexican tamales, and use ingredients now readily available at almost any supermarket in America. Using some modern ingredients and a simplified cooking method, we are able to add seasoning elements to create a traditional dish you will want to make a part of your regular dinner routine!

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