[aka Ashkund, Ashkuni, Wamayi]

Classification: Indo-European




Notes on the Nūristāni and Dardic Languages

"Askun (Ashkun) is spoken in several dialects in southwestern Niuristan. The main body of the Askuru tribe inhabits the Askugal (Kolata, Majegal) Valley, which drains southwestward into the Alingar River. These people speak a dialect which differs from that of their neighbors in the Titin Valley to the south (cf. Morgenstierne 1929). The inhabitants of the Bajaygol Valley further up the Alingar are reported to speak a third dialect. Across a mountain ridge to the east of the Askuru two tribal groups, each with its own dialect, center on the villages of (Wama) and Gramsaragram (Acanu) off the Pec River(Strand 300).

Edwin Cholula

Sept. 19, 1973

Journal of the American Oriental Society