Coatlán Zapotec

[aka San Vicente Coatlán Zapotec (dialect), Zapotec, Southern Ejutla ...]

Classification: Otomanguean



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1 of approx. 4 Southern Zapotec languages. There are many Southern varieties, and the existing descriptive data does not allow a classification of the other 3 Southern languages to be made

San Vicente Coatlán Zapotec (dialect), Zapotec, Southern Ejutla Zapotec (dialect), Zapoteco de San Vicente Coatlán (dialect), Coatlán Zapotec, Coatlán, Southern Mountain Zapotec (dialect), Miahuatec (dialect), Miahuatlan (dialect), Western Miahuatlán Zapotec (dialect), Zapoteco de Santa María Coatlán (dialect), San Miguel Zapotec (dialect), Loxicha Zapotec (dialect), Western Pochutla Zapotec (dialect), Zapoteco de Loxicha (dialect), Copalita Zapotec (dialect), San Baltazar Loxicha Zapotec (dialect)

Otomanguean, Zapotecan

ISO 639-3

zps, zpt, ztp, zao, zam, zpr, zap, ztg, ztl, zpo, zpb

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Ethnologue list 57 Zapotec languages. INALI gives 62 "variantes" of Zapoteco. SIL and INALI count each variety of Zapotec, some of which are mutually intelligible dialects of the same language. The exact number of distinct languages that need to be recognized is unclear. The most current linguistic research suggests approx. 18 Zapotec languages distributed in 5 major language areas: (1) Northern (ca. 5 languages); (2) Central (ca. 7 languages); (3) Southern (ca. 4 languages); (4) Papabuco (1 language); (5) Western (1 language).

"While there is no consensus yet as to the dialectal classification of Zapotec languages, the point to be made here is that the diversity of Zapotec languages is extremely rich." (Pérez Báez 2011)

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