[aka Zoé, Jo'é, Buré]

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Isolated: The Zo'é tribe (part 1)

The filming of the first point of contact with an isolated race, the Zo'E

Jorge Epuñan


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    Anna Belew 339 days ago

    There's some pretty objectionable language in this video, as is common in popular media about Indigenous people-- for example, at 5:12, "this paleolithic scene" is way off the mark. Practicing a non-agrarian or non-industrial lifestyle doesn't mean people are "paleolithic" or "prehistoric" (unless the filmmakers got in a time machine to film this?). The Zo'é people are exactly as much a part of the contemporary world as a software engineer or documentary filmmaker, and their culture, like all cultures, has grown and changed and adapted over time. For an academic take on why calling contemporary peoples "prehistoric" or "ancient" is garbage, try Johannes Fabian's "Time and the Other", or many other excellent perspectives on this topic.